WTF is up with Fortnite?

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My kids have started playing this Fortnite game. Yup…they are Dorks too. 🙂 Of course, I had to see what all the buzz was about! So I did what any video game playing mom does…I begged my kids to show me how to get it.

Fortnite is a Battle Royale game and FREE! I like free. 🙂 There’s a 100 player PvP (Player versus Player) mode where you have a huge map. You jump out of a bus and start knocking out your opponents. Last one standing wins! Sounds simple enough right?

WARNING: You can become addicted to this game!  I just hopped on to see why my kids liked it so much. It’s so simple, but trying to get higher up on the charts will keep you playing more.

No wonder our kids yell “One more game!” when we tell them it’s time to get off!

We do most of our gaming online so I am going to walk you through how WE play on the PC. But, Fortnite is also available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and mobile.

When you start out, you’ll be trying to get the hang of things. I hid and ended up staying alive for a long time while I tried to figure it out. You’re supposed to gathering resources and building structures to help you stay alive. I haven’t gotten the hang of that yet, and just try to survive as best as I can.

There are different seasons and you try to go up in levels to collect the stuff from that season. Of course, you can also pay for stuff. But there is enough to earn that you won’t have to!

Loading the game takes a little while. You can choose Co-op PvE or 100 Player PvP. Most of the kids that play with their friends choose Co-op PvE. They have to work together to complete missions. If you just want to run around like a madman, choose Battle Royale.

Communicating in Game

You can use your MIC and actually talk to people in game. I’m not big on that. I like to just play by myself but a lot of kids use the MIC to talk to their friends and get their tactics down.

You can type chat in the Lobby, but not while the battle is going on.

What’s a Battle Pass?

You play to level up your Battle Pass. It costs money for the Battle Pass. The more you play, the more rewards you win like skins, emotes, sprays, loading screens and more. You can level up faster by completing the Weekly Challenges.

There’s a new Battle Pass each season.

What’s a Season?

Think of a “season” like a TV show season. Every so often, new content is added and/or changed. There may be changes to the map, items, weapons, or game modes. They also add holiday decor to the game.


When you start out, you’ll be in the Lobby. Here you can see your level. You don’t get to choose what you look like when you are starting out.

You can get skins and change your appearance with the Battle Pass or by purchasing skins with the vbucks.

How to Play

The keys are kinda wonky. I’m used to playing with a game pad. I’d suggest you just try out the key settings already there and change them if you don’t like them. I tried to play without my Razer Tartus and it didn’t go so well.

You don’t get to choose how you look and everyone starts out with the same thing…NOTHING! Gathering weapons and supplies is going to be your first priority.

When the match starts, you’ll be on a bus. You have to jump from the bus and glide down to where you want to begin. I usually choose an out of the way place where everyone else is not jumping.

After you get to the ground, try to find a weapon. Check the buildings. You can find lots of weapons, med kits, and traps in them. Oh yea, there will also be a purple bubble. It’s a storm that is closing in on the field. You DON’T want to be outside of that. This is forcing players to come together to face each other!

So, you pretty much just run around gathering stuff and taking out the other players. Not much too it. When you get better, you can protect yourself with walls and stuff. I’m not quick enough for that yet.

How to Get

First, go to and download the launcher. You’ll see it up in the corner. It’s a yellow box that says Get Epic Games. This is FREE! Download size is 32 MB.

Next, you’ll have to install the launcher. Mine installs to my Program Files folder. This can take awhile but I promise it is worth it.

You’ll have to sign up for an Epic Games Account if you don’t already have one. I didn’t realize it but the Epic Games Launcher can also be linked to your Steam Account if you have friends you want to play with.


I am goofy when I record and my kids are kinda crazy LOL


Have you tried Fortnite yet? Let me know in the comments below!


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