How a Wall Phone can Bring You Closer


My 15-year old daughters phone is camping in our bedroom until Monday. She didn’t do one of HER responsibilities, even after multiple reminders. It’s a painful experience for her. No texting, no google at her fingertips. She can’t do her streaks on Snapchat so she enlisted the help of her friends. I have no idea what a streak is-but apparently it’s the end of the world if she loses it.

Taking her phone and tablet was torture enough. We don’t believe in grounding from friends or relationships. Teenage years are hard. Her friends and especially her boyfriend mean everything to her. When she asked how she was going to talk to them, we pointed at the wall phone.

“But mom, I don’t even know their phone numbers! They’re in my phone :(“

So, like the Cool Mom I am, I asked her boyfriend to call her and gave him our home number. When the phone rang, she was in the bathroom screaming at me to pick it up. No one calls us on the wall phone except bill collectors so she knew it was HIM. She didn’t want to miss THIS call!

Watching her sit on the floor curling the phone cords in her fingers while she giggled and whispered brought back memories. When I was a teenager, cell phones were only for the rich and they were called “car phones”!

Feeling nostalgic, I asked google to play some NKOTB, Vanilla Ice, Tiffany, and Backstreet Boys. She laid on her back with her feet on the wall and tapped her toes to the music, even singing along to some of the songs.

This was me! Over 20 years ago I was doing the exact same thing. It’s funny how little things can remind you that your kid is really a mini version of yourself. Sure, she’s her own person. Whether it was 30 years ago or today…we were all kids at one time and it goes by way too fast.

I think she has a new appreciation for technology and maybe just a little bit of understanding that even tho my childhood didn’t include cell phones, it wasn’t all bad. 🙂



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