Why the MARVELous Stan Lee will be Missed

Whenever I hear about the loss of a legend, there’s this moment of nostalgia that washes over me. With the death of Stan Lee, 95 today, I can’t help but think back on every Marvel cameo he ever made. From cartoons to the movies, he never failed to entertain us by showing up to share his wisdom.

Lee put the human in superhuman ~Robert Scott (owner of Comickaze, a San Diego comic book store)

I liked Stan Lee’s humor. He was a no bullshit sort of guy. With over six decades under his belt in the comic industry, he is a true superhero! His vision to give us a Marvel universe where the characters from one series crossover into another was the reason we kept coming back. You could spot characters in the background of cartoons and films that would make you say “hey! I know that guy!” If you want to watch the Marvel universe unfold, take a look at this list.

We can all relate to his creations because he made them to be just like us.  Some were happy and some were tormented. But, they were all human in some way. Even during the Avengers: Infinity War, I wanted to give Thanos a big hug and tell him everything was going to be ok. Here was this Eternal-Deviant Hybrid that we were supposed to hate and I found myself feeling sorrow for him and his tortured soul.

RIP Stan Lee. I don’t know what this means for Marvel fans now, but I know I’ll miss you and the comic world will never be the same!

Nuff said! ~Stan Lee

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